Our publishing division, Shogun Books, will offer a unique ‘expanded universe’ opportunity to our stories through both traditional novelisations and graphic novels, as well as a special behind the scenes insight into our brand of independent filmmaking.

The first title from Shogun Books, NEMESIS: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE by Bill Cunningham, is available now!

A stunning, glossy full-colour book profusely illustrated with film stills, exclusive photographs, interviews, the full screenplay and more, NEMESIS: THE BOOK OF THE MOVIE is the ultimate snapshot of the making of an independent British film.

It's available now on Amazon UK and US.

"a fascinating companion piece to one of my favourite indie... thrillers of the year. If you’re a fan of morally ambiguous gangster thrillers with a rug-pulling twist, then this tome beautifully enhances the viewing experience. Recommended.”