Shogun Films has an exciting, original slate of high concept genre films in development.


An underworld kingpin’s past catches up with him when he returns to London, igniting an explosive chain of events which ends in revenge and murder.


M A N   O F   W A R

An ex-soldier working as a security guard above a top secret underground black site is caught up in a terrorist plot to free a political prisoner during a hostage exchange. He’s outmanned and outgunned, and his only hope of survival is his old self.

Written by Nick Moran.



When a retired SAS soldier is murdered by an Albanian drug gang, four of his veteran comrades set out to avenge him, dispensing their own brand of justice on the streets of London.


M A R K E D   F O R   D E A T H

The true story of the life and death of boxer Freddie Mills, suspected of being 1960s Soho serial killer ‘Jack The Stripper’ as he crosses swords with the notorious Kray twins.



FBI Agent Luke Franklin is on the trail of the world’s most wanted criminal gang, comprised of ex-members of the SAS, the most elite of all Special Forces Units, and tracks them to London where he is seconded to Scotland Yard and must thwart the single biggest act of mainland terrorism the UK has ever seen.

Written by BAFTA winner Chris Lunt and Michael A. Walker


P R E T T Y   B O Y

Based on the million-copy, best-selling autobiography of bare knuckle fighter Roy Shaw, Pretty Boy is a gritty, brutal underground fighting biopic.


A S S A U L T   O N   H A Z A R D   R O C K

There’s more to the sleepy California retirement home of Hazard Rock than meets the eye, and when a Mexican cartel breaks in to steal the drugs, they soon discover that the residents are all ex-mercenaries, as a battle ensues. A glorious love letter to the best-loved action movies of the '80s.

L I T T L E   M A R Y

A teacher, Susan, is hired to privately tutor a disturbed young boy who lives with his father in an isolated English town. The boy talks to a creepy doll he calls Little Mary after his late mother, but Little Mary is not what it seems and soon Susan uncovers a terrifying supernatural secret.


T H E   1 3 T H   C H I L D

Teenagers at a beach party invoke the spirit of The 13th Child, who caused twelve of her classmates to drown in Victorian times. The morning after the party one of the girls, Mia, seems to be possessed by the Child, looking to be reborn, and her desperate mother enlists the help of a local priest to save her.

D R A G O N   S W O R D

First Blood meets Conan as a battle-hardened warrior in ancient times is stalked through the forest of the druids by 6 mercenaries hired by an evil sorceress to kill him after she murders his wife.

I N T E R V I E W   W I T H   A   W E R E W O L F

On the night of the full moon, a desperate man in a police interview room tries to convince a jaded detective to release him by telling him three stories to prove the existence of werewolves.

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