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The Shogun Films team brings decades of successful experience in business as well as a real, proven track record for making commercial independent films.


J O N A T H A N   S O T H C O T T


'A film producer behind a whole new generation of on-screen hardmen' - GQ


One of the most prolific independent British film producers, industry veteran Jonathan Sothcott's past successes include home entertainment smash hits Vendetta and We Still Kill the Old Way. Sothcott started his career as Britain’s youngest TV executive as Head of Programming at The Horror Channel before moving into feature films with Wishbaby, the UK's first urban horror movie, and Stalker directed by Martin Kemp. Kemp became a frequent collaborator, as would Danny Dyer, Steven Berkoff and many other acclaimed British actors. Sothcott’s ability to build relationships with talent, financiers and distributors, along with his ability to skilfully blend quality with commerciality, have made him one of the best-known indie producers in the UK. He has worked with a galaxy of stars including Jason Statham, Mark Hamill, Sir Roger Moore, Ray Winstone, Lee Majors, Charlie Cox and Danny Trejo. Today, he is a regular fixture in British newspapers and on radio and television talking about the film industry. A 2021 Telegraph profile described his output as 'having saved the British film industry'. In 2014, he negotiated a ground-breaking multi-picture deal with US TV giant Starz. Sothcott is recognised as a successful entrepreneur, both in the film industry and the wider business community.

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J E A N I N E   N E R I S S A   S O T H C O T T


Born in London but with Trinidadian and Guyanese heritage, Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott is an award-winning British stage and screen actress and now producer. Having run her own theatre company for a number of years, she made her feature film debut in Aura for Sony in which she starred opposite Shane Taylor (Band of Brothers). Jeanine's performance in Nemesis won her widespread critical acclaim and she went on to star in Renegades opposite Lee Majors, Danny Trejo and Patsy Kensit. In 2023, she produced the horror movie Peter Rabid for Shogun and set up the Shogun Noire division to oversee the company's black cinema output. 

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R O B E R T   G E O F F R E Y   H U G H E S


Robert Geoffrey Hughes is a music composer/producer and graphic designer from Wales. He records electronic/alternative/cinematic music under the pseudonym 'Mr. Pelham' (named after a character played by Roger Moore in the film The Man Who Haunted Himself) with many plays on BBC Radio 1/Huw Stephens' show and BBC Radio Wales over the past decade.

Rob composed soundtrack music as Mr. Pelham for the 2014 thriller We Still Kill the Old Way. This music led to the opportunity to co-score the sequel We Still Steal the Old Way in 2015 and subsequently the thriller Tango One for Universal Pictures.


Rob was present at the dawn of Shogun Films where he headed the company’s graphic design department. He would also co-score Nemesis and Renegades with fellow composer Chris Hurst. Both scores were released digitally and on physical media by Shogun Records.

Rob recently completed designing the opening titles for Shogun Films' Peter Rabid.


A D A M   S T E P H E N   K E L L Y


Originally an acclaimed journalist, Adam Stephen Kelly was first published in print at age 16. He would go on to write for the likes of Rolling Stone and GQ and was the UK correspondent for Ain’t It Cool News – at the time the most visited film site in the world. His first film, the award-winning drama short Done In starring Rogue One actor Guy Henry, wowed audiences around the world and received universal acclaim from critics. Following its success, Kelly went on to helm the action-thriller Kill Kane starring Vinnie Jones. He has worked closely with Jonathan Sothcott for the past decade on films such as Vendetta, We Still Kill the Old Way, Top Dog and Eat Locals, and has strong corporate PR and social media skills. He wrote and co-produced Nemesis, the first Shogun Films title, as well as its first horror movie, Peter Rabid. Adam works closely with writers and directors in order to finesse the Shogun slate of world-class genre material.

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