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Now in Production for late Q3/early Q4 2024 delivery

International Sales: FILM BRIDGE

Called in as a scientific advisor on a black ops MI5 interception of a chemical weapon sale, Ros Knight finds herself left holding the weapon’s activation key, putting a price on her head that neither her superiors or her dashing spy boyfriend Hugh can protect her from. Following an assassination attempt by a rogue CIA agent, she flees London to the only person she feels can save her – her estranged father, legendary spy catcher Charles Knight. Danger soon comes knocking at the door of the Knights’ labyrinthine country house as a crack team of mercenaries arrive to retrieve the key and take the Knights off the board… can Hugh get there in time to turn the tide of the explosive home invasion and does reclusive, disgraced espionage expert Charles have enough left in the tank to save his daughter and avert a war?


Director: Ben Mole (Code of Silence)




Geoffrey Moore

The son of legendary James Bond 007 star Sir Roger Moore, Geoffrey began acting as a child, in the TV series The Persuaders and the film Sherlock Holmes In New York. In 1991 he starred opposite his father in the European action movie Fire, Ice & Dynamite. A musician and restauranteur as well as an actor, Geoffrey’s casting as suave MI5 spy Hugh will attract huge global press interest.


Michael Paré

The legendary 80s heartthrob is perhaps best known for Streets Of Fire, Eddie & The Cruisers and The Philadelphia Experiment but his decades long career encompasses The Virgin Suicides, The Lincoln Lawyer, Bad Moon, Village of the Damned, Bloodrayne, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and Bone Tomahawk.


Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott

Jeanine won great acclaim for her bold performance as gangster’s moll Sadie in Nemesis (released by Samuel Goldwyn Films) and most recently starred in Renegades opposite Lee Majors and Danny Trejo. Previous credits include Aura and The Krays.

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