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Welcome to Shogun Films

Another day, another independent film production company launches in an overcrowded marketplace. So what makes us different? What makes us stand out from this crowd?

It would be far too easy to fire off generic paragraphs conveying our passion for cinema. We love movies and we love telling stories. We feel it's a given that we wouldn't be in the film industry if we weren't passionate, so let's focus on our ambition.

We grew up in the '80s and '90s when home video was big business, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that our inspirations include Canon, Carolco, New Line Cinema and Hammer. Our aim is to become a genre factory with a conveyor belt of successful, populist movies. We're not about making high art and pretentious isn't in our vocabulary. Shogun Films has been set up to be the most commercial producer of quality genre movies in the UK. Our goal is to make crowd-pleasers without ever compromising on quality, competing on an international level while never neglecting our domestic audience.

We're proud to be a bold British start-up with an unapologetically commercial outlook. It's simple: we will produce films, series and content that people want to see.

Shogun has been founded by some of the most prolific and successful British filmmakers of the last decade, supported by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs whose business acumen is an invaluable buffer for the creative industries.

Our blog – along with our upcoming podcast and YouTube Channel – is designed to give you a unique insight into British independent film production. We have been making films for a long time and we know that without our audience we are nothing. We truly appreciate your support and we want to give something back. Across our social media channels you will find not only all the latest news on what we’re up to and our various productions but also wider industry news, filmmaker interviews and tips for people who want to join an industry infamously regarded by many as a closed shop. In short, we want to blow the bloody doors off British film.

The first Shogun production, Nemesis, begins principal photography very soon, and we know fans of British crime thrillers are going to be incredibly excited by it and what we have in store. We’ll be following it with London action movie Renegades and the long-awaited big screen adaptation of best-selling true crime book Pretty Boy. 2020 is a new dawn for British indie film so join us on our journey through it. We promise it will be exciting.

We are Shogun.

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